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Antonio Lizana

Founder & CEO

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Antonio Lizana

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I consider your time very valuable, so I have to warn you that this is a bit long. I am going to tell you a few things about myself and the team behind PaperWork.es so that you know our mission and motivations. It may be rude, but I'll start with myself and try not to beat around the bush. I am Antonio Lizana and although I do not use the word much colloquially, the correct thing would be to say that I am the CEO of PaperWork.es We are a small company, so CEO still sounds a bit strange to me. As we grow, I am sure I will get used to using it. If you ask me about my profession, I will tell you that I am a Gestor, which is not a manager, the translation of the word doesn't really work in English, so I leave the Spanish word in our text. But you may wonder what exactly Gestor is. Well, in a blog article that I will write soon I will explain it in detail, but basically I am the right person to represent you and facilitate your procedures in Spain with your paperwork. I have always liked helping people, it is something that comes to me instinctively and sometimes it has caused trouble in my personal life. But I can't avoid it because my nature is to help people. Onn a personal level, I consider myself an extrovert, I really like meeting new places and new people. I love the world of business and entrepreneurship. Ahh and I'm amazed by technological advances and their applications to the business world.

I studied some telecommunications engineering courses at the university, although I soon saw that this was more a hobby than a profession for me and I changed the course to start my career as a Gestor. In this process, I also discovered the exciting world of Marketing. I love learning and teaching myself new skills. For example, I haven't had an English class since high school. The English I know I learnt conversing with my clients, my friends and travelling. occasional pints with friends in Dublin and London have also helped me lose the embarrassment of speaking English, despite at the time not knowing the language very well.

I speak a bit of Italian and lately I am trying to learn some Chinese. If I were not a Gestor, I would surely have studied languages ​​and would be happy being a globetrotter. But the stability of my job allows me to fully enjoy family life, which is the most important thing to me along with , having a lifestyle that I like. So I consider myself very lucky and I would love to pass that onto you so that you are also lucky in Spain, just as you deserve. (smiley) I am also fortunate because I consider that the place where I live, Andalusia, is one of the best places in the world to live. It has a wonderful climate and people, it is rich in culture, historical heritage, leisure, gastronomy… as is Spain in general. Better not talk about my land Andalusia because it would never end. If you are new to Andaluciait, I invite you to discover Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Malaga ... and its surroundings. Wonderful places just a short drive from my city, Loja, strategically located between those four cities in the heart of Andalusia and in a beautiful natural environment. My favourite big cities are Rome and London, to which I am always looking forward to returning again and again for a few days to disconnect and recharge. I said I wasn't going to beat around the bush, but I wanted you to get to know me a bit before explaining what exactly I do. Well, during the last fifteen years I have specialized more and more in serving foreign clients. I can help you if:

  • You have moved your business to Spain.
  • You want to start a business in Spain.
  • You have moved to Spain as a pensioner or living off your savings.
  • You have a second residence in Spain.
  • You have received an inheritance in Spain.
  • Or you have any other economic link with Spain.

If so, at PaperWork.es we can help you and if you want to know a little more about our origins, keep reading. In our first years and without doing a specific marketing,our foreign customers recommended each other and kept coming. My level of English is far from perfect, I have a Spanish accent, and surely my grammar is not always correct, but I get on well every day speaking English with my clients, certainly much better than i did 15 years ago. However, in the beginning, despite the limitations of the language, clients were happy with the way we served them or with the way we resolved their issues, so we were fortunate that they reused our services and recommended new clients. Over time, our portfolio of foreign clients in general grew, as well as our reputation and our staff. Most of the clients were British, but also Irish, German, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Italian, South African ... I love chatting when there is a little time with clients to learn a little more about their lives, their places of origin and their environment. We like to treat our clients closely, many of whom have ended up becoming friends. Those clients are delivered all around Spain, no only in Andalusia, where we have our headquarters. We deal remotely with 90% or our clients at PapeWork.es. No matter where you live, we will receive attention second to none, thanks to using massively Zoom, phone, Whatsapp, email…

We like a personal touch, If you are looking for a place where you are treated with a tie and a lot of formality, it is not what you will find in PaperWork.es.

My team and I will work side by side with you to help you achieve your business and personal goals that have anything to do with paperwork in Spain. No matter your nationality, as long as you speak Spanish or English, we can help you without any problem with your paperwork. In my free time, I usually come up with business ideas to put into practice naturally, many of which I don't put into practice because I don't want to blur my business, but sometimes I share them with clients or friends so they can take advantage of them. Some of them have been successfully implemented, which I am very happy about. On other occasions, I have implemented some of these projects myself simultaneously with the agency and they have been business experiences that in one way or another have made me a better professional. Some business ventures went well and served their purpose, others are even businesses that are still running, and others were failed and closed, but all of them were great learning. Yes, I know, it is a cliché, but it is true:

PaperWork.es is the result of combining my knowledge of business, the Spanish law, English and application of new technologies, to feel developed in my work because I really think I am helping others in their projects and dreams, which makes me feel very proud and happy.

Regarding my team, what can I say? Wow, I am very very lucky to be surrounded by the right people to grow the business happily. The team is made up of a stable workforce. Two fundamental pillars which are María Dolores, head of the tax department and Jose, head of the labour department. Both have been with the company for many years and fight hard for it. They like their work and they know they are very valuable to me. However, they do more of a behind-the-scenes work, without maintaining regular contact with the customer. Aside from the personal meetings in Zoom with me, which we will eventually do, you could be attended to by someone from the customer service department through our Whatsapp or email address. Depending on the matter in question, Laura, Marta, Alicia, Raquel or María may attend to your needs on a day-to-day basis. Although their skills in spoken English are fluent, they will be able to communicate with you easily by email. On the other hand, Paperwork.es also has a network of partners who can help you in service areas that we do not provide directly. Feel free to ask us about other services not shown on our website related to any paperwork in Spain. We have been perfecting processes for more than 50 years, located in the same office, with an experienced staff each in their area of ​​expertise and we use the latest technological tools thanks to partners like A3software and Holded to facilitate a smooth transaction with our clients In most of the “about us” pages other companies will surely tell you how wonderful, infallible and perfect they are. But, let me tell you something, which may surprise you a bit:

Sometimes we make mistakes, yes we admit. In fact, everyone else does, even if they don't recognize it. If someone I am going to hire tells me that they are never wrong at their job, I would run. The important thing is not being perfect, but answering for our mistakes, which luckily do not happen often and we look for the best way to solve them and to implement systems and processes every day so that errors do not occur again. After 50 years of perfecting the method, it makes us confident that our service is very good, but we are always looking for a way to improve it a little more and adapt it to changes. This is what we can proudly say and guarantee:

This is what you should ask a partner, like us. Professional liability. We also have the backing of the Society of Gestors with a professional liability policy of one million euros, should any of our actions cause a problem for a client that we cannot solve. We are happy to send you a copy of our policy, which most competitors won’t have if they are not gestors. If your business can involve a tax bill of more than 1 million euros per year, then it is better that you look for another type of partner. Probably a solicitors firm with a lot of ties around… but:

Fortunately, in so many years, we have not yet had to present the first claim to the company. We work hard every day to keep it that way. Therefore, if you want to live in Spain permanently or temporarily, we don't want the paperwork involved to take away your desire to do so. With our help, you can focus on what you really know how to do to grow your business or you can simply dedicate your free time to what you like to do, while you leave the paperwork to us, which we love. Yes, that's right, I love paperwork and tech. I told you before, I'm a bit of a paperwork geek.

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