Invoices in Spain: Rules, tips & free templates

Invoicing in Spanish is not always easy, as it may not be similar to what you’re used to. There will be things you are accustomed to doing which simply not comply with Spanish regulations. It is surprising to see how many companies which have been in business for a while do not meet the minimum requirements on their invoices. Are you sure you are doing it right? Are you sure that a Tax Officer won’t find any problems on your invoices if they take a look? You will find all the answers in our free resources, which includes a guide about how to invoice in Spain, what to include on an invoice in Spanish, when you shouldn’t apply VAT on your international invoices and more…

You will get as well a free spreadsheet template to customize your invoices. 

model 720

How to know if you have to declare overseas assets (Model 720)

The “Modelo 720” form, is a declaration of overseas assets., that is to say, assets held outside of Spain. Spanish tax residents are obliged to fill out this 720 Form and make the Spanish tax office be aware of your fiscal activity in other countries.

The Modelo 720 was introduced in November 2012. The intention was that all fiscal residents of Spain report details of assets held overseas if they exceed certain values. No tax will be levied on these assets, but the intention of the Tax Office is to use this information in comparison against income tax returns, to ensure that income generated from these assets is being reported, which is typically not reported. Rental income, interests from banks, dividends from shares, etc. can be taxable in Spain and the Spanish authorities don’t want you to forget it when you fill out your tax return. Download this free resource and you will be able to know if you are compelled to complete a ‘’Modelo 720’’  or not just answering a very quick test. 


Started the process of exchanging your driving licence and not sure what to do next?

If you are British and have completed the pre-registration for the Driving Licence before the 31st of December,  would like to know what’s next? 

You may have an appointment with your nearest Traffic Office, but you have no idea of the paperwork you have to bring. Or maybe you are from another country different to the UK, which has an agreement with Spain related to driving licenses, so you want to start the process of exchanging your Driving Licence. In this free resource, we offer you a guide with the paperwork involved, steps and tips, in case you want to try to manage it for your own.

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