jo ramirez

Jo Ramirez

Coordinator of the McLaren F1 Team from 1984 to 2001 Happily retired in the south of Spain, Malaga.

I firstly needed their services when I bought a classic car from a friend of mine, which they managed the change of ownership.

Through this transaction, I was happy to meet Antonio Lizana with whom we share common interests on motorsports.

After that business, they had taken over all the extremely complicated steps that are needed it over the Spanish bureaucracy to finally be on the right side of the law regarding my fiscal residency.

Antonio and his team have been great persons to deal with and had explained to me in detail every step that they do on my behalf.

They seem to work on your business as if there was their own, and this gives you a great peace of mind.

They open my eyes and guide me to the dos and don’ts over the new stage of our lives caused by the BREXIT. I would recommend PaperWork.es to any expat in Spain without any hesitation.